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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening - Natural Science NOT Rocket Science..

Don't force yourself out of the most profitable hobby in the universe because you think it's too hard to learn ...It isn't!
Gardening is fast becoming the world's number one hobby, and with all the latest 'alternative' information we have to hand, gardening as a natural science is fun to learn about and rewarding in the extreme...

Produce your own fruit and veg - cut the shopping trips.

Keep it organic!- be nice to the planet, and your body.

Stay fit and healthy with exercise and fresh air.

Spend quality family time in the outdoors.

Turbo boost your creative spirit

And if that isn't enough to be going on with, learn about plant-kind in all it's glory. From trees through to fungi, there are millions of plants to research, grow and eat- no chance of getting bored!

First you have to take your first step.

Start gardening, be a gardener, enjoy your garden.

Starting from scratch? Let your imagination run wild. Stand in the centre (-ish) of your garden and imagine..close your eyes if you like.

Don't hold back. Let your creative thoughts flow. How much can you do with your space? Don't imagine for one minute that a simple lawn will let you off the hook here. A lawn needs maintaining, and mowing regularly - for EVER..and it can get kind of boring to look at as well! How about creating

a butterfly patch

a wildflowers corner

a vegetable plot

a herb garden

a water feature

Then you will need a shed to store your tools. Where would that be best placed in your garden? Don't waste a sunny position with a garden structure. Sheds don't need to be in full sun to survive!

Is there enough space to place garden furniture? Rather than going for the table-and-four-chairs-on-patio style, can you place benches and small tables in semi-shady spots near the honeysuckle or round the herbs?

When you think you have a reasonable idea of all you want from your garden, take some notes and think about it for a while. Don't leap in too soon-more often than not you'll land up doing the same job twice. Browse through garden catalogs, take a little time and do a little planning.

But not for too long! Don't let the ideas wither into another was-gonna-do-one-day file.

If you have enough of a budget to buy your garden structures and furniture, do this first, and position them in your garden. Then create your flower beds, vegetable plots and wildlife patches around these structures.

If you don't have cash up front, don't worry. The things you need will come to you. For now, prepare the space as if you DID have the shed, or bench or whatever, and work around these areas.

Start all the patches and work on them as and when you can, or start one patch and get it finished before moving on to the next. How you work in your garden depends on a number of things...

size of land and budget

helping hands available

seasons and the weather

time slots and energy levels!

Treat gardening as an ongoing hobby rather than a project to be started and finished. Plants are growing life forms and will always be changing the shape and feel of your garden. Go with it where you can, and prune heavily where you have to!

Get the kids involved with quick-germinating seeds, and fast-growing plants. Many retailers offer special seed mixtures for kids. Pumpkins are great for getting the kids interested in gardening.

Learn about edible flowers and teach the children what can and can't be eaten - and why.

Don't let the grass grow under your feet. Get in on the action now. Turn off the TV, put your wellies on and leap into nature!

About the Author: Linda Gray is a freelance writer and, with her partner. has spent ten years renovating a neglected acre of woodland. Find heaps of straight gardening advice and pots of inspiration at Bring a cuppa!

Magic: The Science Of Illusion

Magic has been connected to mystery and things that cannot be explained by science. But, during the recent years, there has been in-depth studies focused to magic. Now, magic is known to be the science of illusion. More than that, magic is also an art based on science and techniques.

In fields of sciences like psychiatry, illusion is said to be a distortion of sensory perception. But no matter how negative this may sound, magic has entertained people based on illusion. This gives the impression that something impossible has occurred. Magic tricks are based on scientific principles but people do not seem to connect magic and science.

Different illusions are being used in magic and there are seven types of them.

- Production. These are magic tricks out of thin air. Producing something out of nothing. Tricks like these include appearing acts – rabbit coming out of an empty hat, coins from an empty pocket and the magician or an assistant appearing through a puff of smoke on an empty stage.

- Vanish. Tricks from this category are those disappearing acts like coins disappearing, a dove vanishing out of thin air by a clap of hand and stuffs inside silks into the hands of the magician but when opened revealed nothing. This category is the total opposite of production. The similar tricks are used but done in reverse.

- Transformation. As the word suggest, the tricks in this category involve those which transform anything to another form – chicken to an eagle, fire into a rabbit or a broom into a woman.

- Restoration. Magic tricks using this illusion is meant to restore something to the state it was once before like a cut rope into three parts back into one or cards cut into fourths and back to one.

- Teleportation. This illusion is meant to transfer things to another place. These are the classic tricks that truly amaze people like uncovered cages with one person each and they magically exchange places in a few seconds. This is what is known as double teleportation.

- Levitation. The trick involves lifting objects, animals and even people into air by using trance.

- Penetration. Tricks in this category involve the passing through of objects through a solid wall.

One important thing in maintaining the illusion in magic tricks is the secrecy of the magician. The magician should maintain this secrecy in order to be respected and treated with credibility by other magicians. The only exception is when a magician shares the secrets of the trade with someone who is a serious student of magic.

Remember, you are “killing” the magic by telling the secrets of your tricks to others and reducing them to mere intellectual riddles and puzzles.

This free article is provided by the Free Articles Directory for educational purposes ONLY! It cannot be reprinted or redistributed under any circumstances.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to choose the best over counter acne medication

You need to decide whether you want to use a product with chemicals or something all natural. Surprisingly, many natural products now on the market work great and be informed that even natural remedies need to be carefully researched. After all, not all-natural products are quality so you would be doing your skin a favour.

Understand the basics of your skin and the ingredients of these products so you can make an educated decision.For natural over counter acne medications, the key ingredients include vitamin E, Aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Unfortunately, you may have to try more than one product to find the exact remedy that works not just your skin but also the specific type of acne you have. Once you have identified a natural product that reduces the effects of acne. You will also maintain a management program to keep the problem at bay.

You can choose a more traditional approach to fighting acne. In many cases, these products will contain one of two ingredients, both proven to be highly, successful in the treatment of acne. Therefore, you should look for a product over the counter that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Whether you choose an acne treatment that is natural or traditional, expect some drying of the skin and therefore you will have to use a moisturizer designed to help the skin but also one that will not contribute to the acne problem.

Remember, while many of the products work great, some can actually make the problem worse so always consider the type of skin you have (oily or dry), as well as the type of acne you have. With this information, you can pinpoint an over counter medication that will finally bring some relief.

Another great prescription medications for your acne are the retinoids. In most cases, these products are topical types (applied on the skin as a cream or gel). Like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids also have side effects in that the skin becomes highly sensitive to sunlight and therefore you will have to deal with the issue of always wearing a high SPF sun block, even on cloudy days.

Rub on the sunscreen according the manufacturer's instructions, which typically means applying the lotion 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Enjoy the sun and watching those zits dissipate. After sunbathing, soothe your skin with an aloe vera gel.

Another option you should consider in treating your acne is the use of chemical peels. A doctor will have to prescribe it to you. And you would have to follow the directions to the letter to have significant results. In this case, the peel will remove the top layer of your dead skin cells, which will expose new, undamaged skin underneath. The only thing you have to remember is that while the initial results are excellent, acne may come back.

If you are a teenage girl, probably the best medication prescription for your acne would be birth control pills. Birth control pills have proven to be successful. What happens is that male hormones known as androgens can cause an excessive production of oil. Birth control pills control the hormone level, which results in less oil and fewer acne breakouts. Obviously, only women would use this. In addition to this prescription acne medication, your doctor may recommend you start some type of antibiotic and once the acne is under control, the antibiotic will keep the problem at bay. This particular option is exceptionally beneficial for severe cystic type of acne. In most cases, you will need to take this drug for four to six weeks and then you stop.

It is important to treat your acne holistically. In many cases - especially in the case of moderate and severe acne - it's often important you attack the acne problem with both natural and conventional methods. I believe the natural way for treating acne will always be the best way, because it's fixes the root of the problem - the actual reason why you are getting the acne in the first place. Natural methods will help fix your acne causing factors like hormonal problems, stress, Candida and toxins from your lifestyle and diet. This is great because fixing the cause of your acne will fix it for good.

About the Author:

Hi, I'm Rose,
I am an alternative medicine health consultant.I was driven to my present profession from the traumatizing experiences that I went through as an acne victim when I was a teenager. I have since recovered and I felt it was important to share my experiences with other acne sufferes because i know what it means to suffer from acne.

Article Source: - How to choose the best over counter acne medication

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